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Welcome to the Organization Development and Change (ODC) Division of the Academy of Management. I invite you to join and select ODC as one of your divisions of choice so that you can network with our members and contribute to its many activities.

For over 40 years our division has been home to a large and vibrant community of organization development and change scholars, consultants, practitioners, and students, drawn from all around the world. We are united in our commitment to the study and practice of organization development and change in all its forms and at many levels. We focus our efforts on the processes and outcomes of change at the individual, group, organizational, and institutional levels in different contexts using multiple methods and perspectives. Through high impact research and its application, our members seek to make a positive difference to society, and to organisations and the lives of the people that work in them. You can read more about us.

We are renowned for being a division where you will find numerous opportunities to meet and stay connected with like-minded, friendly and supportive colleagues. If you are interested in the scholarship and practice of organization development and change our division is the place for you.

The ODC Division prides itself on providing innovative and high quality programs at the annual Academy Meeting. Thought provoking empirical or conceptual research is presented and discussed that develops theory and practice relevant to, for example, strategic and organizational change, sustainability, culture change, dialogic and new OD, institutional change, transformation, and leadership.

At the same time we seek to provide a range of sessions in which members can discuss and exchange the latest tools and resources necessary to advance ODC education and teaching and the work of scholar-practitioners.

Our highly popular doctoral consortium, in which participants receive one-on-one coaching from leading international scholars, consistently receives excellent reviews and has become an important feature of the program.

The annual Academy Meeting also offers the chance for members to engage in a range of other important activities such as mentoring ODC members new to the division, attending orientations for new members and attending the annual socials.

Join us at Atlanta, Georgia in 2017 and experience all of this for yourself!

And aside from the annual meeting there are opportunities to engage and network with us throughout the year using our regular communications or via our on-line LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

If you have any questions about engaging with the ODC Division do please contact any of our board members. A full list of board members can be found here.

Make our community your community – you will be very welcome!

Best wishes,

Julie Wolfram Cox, Organization Development and Change Division Chair

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