Connecting Scholars, Practitioners, and Students Engaged with Change and Changing

Greetings, Organization Development and Change Division Members!

Ours is an active, vibrant division with scholars and practitioners who are deeply engaged through scholarship, research, practice, and application to the world of organization development and organization change.

At our annual Academy of Management meeting, you will find a host of opportunities to engage with colleagues from all divisions, and from around the world; communications about those activities occur regularly in June, through to early August each year.

Annual meeting opportunities for members include a robust scholarly program as well as the chance to serve as a mentor to ODC members new to the division or to the annual meeting, attend orientations for new members, represent the division throughout the conference at various locations and events, find out the latest at the business meeting, and visit informally at the annual social.

Stay connected to our work and interests during the year through our LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. Please contribute your own ideas in these venues!

Our membership is served by a Membership Engagement Committee, members listed below, who collaborate with other board members to provide member opportunities as outlined in the division bylaws adopted in late 2014. We are also open to new ideas you may have to bring together the ideas, energy, and interests of our members. Please contact any board member or member of our committee if you have ideas about member engagement!

Best wishes,

ODC Membership Engagement Committee (2016-2017)

Julie Smendzuik-O'Brien, Chair

Danielle Zandee

David Wright

Kate Heynoski

Kate Elgayeva

Gemma George

Lori Kendall

For more information and to learn more about our membership, please visit the following links:

Academy of Management

Division of Organizational Development and Change

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