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Call for Part-Time SMA Public Relations Specialist

  • 1.  Call for Part-Time SMA Public Relations Specialist

    Posted 07-11-2018 19:52

    Call for Part-Time SMA Public Relations Specialist

    The Southern Management Association (SMA) is seeking applications for a part-time Public Relations (PR) Specialist. This will be SMA's first PR Specialist so responsibilities and tasks are subject to change.

    Summary of initial duties:


    1)      Create exposure for research by Journal of Management (JOM) and Southern Management Association (SMA) authors in the popular press, including TV, print, and online outlets.

    2)      Work with editors, program chairs, and authors to refine and summarize articles into a form that makes them accessible and desirable for popular press outlets, and complete other PR tasks in support of JOM and SMA.

    3)      Promote JOM and the SMA annual meeting in local and national media outlets.

    4)      Work with the Communications Specialist to maintain SMA and JOM social media accounts.

    5)      Promote the popular press coverage of SMA and JOM authors by linking to this coverage via SMA and JOM social media accounts.

    6)      Attend the SMA annual meeting.

    7)      Provide a summary of popular press coverage to the board biannually.



    A successful candidate must have experience working effectively with media outlets. Exceptional written and oral communication skills, working knowledge of MS Office programs, and experience working with popular press media outlets are preferred. There is also a preference for someone with PR experience.




    Please send (1) an application letter describing your rationale for application and appropriate qualifications, (2) a current resume, and (3) a list of three references to James Vardaman (jvardaman@business.msstate.edu) by August 10, 2018. All applications received before this date will be considered for subsequent interviews. If the position is not filled from this initial pool, applications will be considered until the position is filled.




    James Vardaman, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor

    Nancy Allen Fellow

    Department of Management & IS

    College of Business

    Mississippi State University