Chair's Welcome

Dear Colleagues,QHuy.jpg

Our ODC division prides itself on doing research that is both practically relevant and academically rigorous, inspired from Kurt Lewin’s famous admonition that  “nothing is so practical as a good theory.”  We welcome research that covers a broad array of theories, a broad range of research methods including action research, qualitative research, modelling, and quantitative methods, in diverse organizational and social contexts.  We promote research that seeks to understand and improve the wellbeing of individuals, organizations, and societies, with a particular focus on development and change—and especially welcome research that is done in diverse national and cultural settings.  

We warmly welcome you to talk or write to us and share the insights of your research projects to a broad community. We will also strive to share our members’ distinctive research contributions with all of you. There are also attractive funding opportunities and research recognition initiatives, which I encourage you to read more about on our website.

Best wishes,

Quy Huy