We represent scholars and practitioners who create and disseminate knowledge or extend the practice of constructive change management and organization development.


The Organization Change and Development (ODC) Division of the Academy of Management represents a community of scholars and practitioners who create and disseminate impactful and rigorous knowledge to enrich constructive change management and organization development. The domain of ODC includes the development of theory and innovative practice relevant to organization change. Specifically, the ODC division is devoted to empirical research, theory development, and practical application concerning all forms of organization change. The ODC content domain focuses on the processes and outcomes of organization change and development at the individual, group, organizational, and institutional levels using multiple methods and perspectives.


We are committed to: 

  • High quality academic research that makes a difference to both theory and practice.
  • Organization and individual success, the fulfillment of humanity’s spirit and potential, and the creation of enduring global communities.
  • Research, teaching, and practice that affirm the importance of integrating human-social, financial, and environmental outcomes; valuing justice, dignity, and trust; and generating ethical, positive, and meaningful contributions.

Strategic Goals

Our strategic goals represent the overall, long-term aspirations of the Division.

  • Annual Meeting Engagement: The ODC Division produces a spectacular program that connects with our members, engages scholars and practitioners, and invites new members to join.

  • ODC Hive: The ODC Division is a vibrant community engaged with change and changing, as a source for research on organizational development and change.

  • Growth: The ODC Division attracts and retains members through a vibrant, engaged community.