Annual Meeting

The 83rd Annual Meeting of the AOM

In August 2023, the 83rd Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management returned to Boston, MA, USA, under the theme of “Putting the Worker Front and Center”. This Annual Meeting, known as the world's premier event for scholarly engagement and the largest gathering of management and organization scholars globally, provided attendees with invaluable opportunities to expand their research, network with colleagues, and share knowledge focused on addressing the most pressing 21st-century challenges in management and organizations. Whether attendees were first-timers, academics, students, or practitioners, the event offered a unique platform to connect with thousands of like-minded AOM members and colleagues from around the world.

Historically, Boston had consistently attracted the highest number of attendees, with over 10,000 participants from around the world. Situated in the Northeastern United States, Boston's status as a hub for renowned educational institutions made it an international center for research and learning. The city's intellectual vigor, combined with its rich historical appeal, established it as a highly desirable destination for business and academia alike. The most recent Annual Meeting in Boston occurred in 2019 under the theme "Understanding the Inclusive Organization." AOM had extended an invitation to everyone to be a part of this prestigious event, encouraging submissions of papers, symposia, caucuses, or professional development workshops, thus contributing to the world's largest gathering of management scholars.