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We are a vibrant and bridging community whose members are passionate about the scholarship and practice of inclusive change and changing! ODC is an international community of more than 2000 scholars and practitioners in over 60 countries around the globe. What distinguish us? We share the common belief of striving to make a positive difference in organizations and society, as well as in the lives of people working and living in them. Our members are always willing to mentor, collaborate, and support one another in various ways throughout the year.

Our community will help you to create high-impact research, whether it be theoretical or applied. We are an international and interdisciplinary community of scholars and practitioners who really care about the theory-practice connection. We explore a variety of topics, methods and perspectives around organization development and change. For example, related domains of research include, but are not limited to, collaborative leadership, participative decision making, sensemaking, equality and diversity, teams, open innovation, strategic, cultural and institutional change, identity, process and practice perspectives, to name only a few.  

Through the ODC 50th anniversary dialogue series, the Division has embarked on several initiatives to build momentum and strengthen our community. We strongly intend to pursue our goal of building a hub/hive community where outstanding research and innovative applied work of organizational change and development is conducted. Please be on the lookout for other opportunities to engage and network with us throughout the year through our regular communications or via our on-line LinkedInFacebook, and Twitter accounts.

If you are not yet a member, I invite you to join us by selecting ODC as one of your divisions of choice. Our future depends on the activity of our members and on the number of submissions to our Division. Hence, would you want ODC to be your home, please submit your proposals and papers to us!

To learn more about the ODC Division or if you have any questions about our community, please contact me or any of our board members. A full list of board members can be found here.

All the best,

Linda Rouleau, Division Chair, Organization Development and Change                                                             



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