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Use of Self Research Report

  • 1.  Use of Self Research Report

    Posted 03-20-2020 16:12
    Announcement of Research Report
    Use of Self in Organization Development and Other Professional Work
    March 2020


    In the first ever global research on Use of Self (UofS) in Organization Development (OD) and other professional work (2018-2020), Doctors Mee Yan Cheung-Judge (lmycj@quality-equality.com) and David Jamieson (chgdoc@outlook.com) have produced their final report for sharing. With over 700 participants from 44 countries, this study covered a wide spectrum of people doing OD-like work around the world. The demographics showed a wide range of ages, cultures, races, experience and education levels.

    The scaled-survey items created 5 factors to help understand what Use of Self is about and the open-ended survey items produced extensive, themed lived-experiences of people working to become their best selves and self-develop, in their practices.

    The Five Factors

    1. Using Cognitive and Emotional Skills with Courage to Serve Dynamic Systems
    2. Attention to Relationship Centric Values & Behavior
    3. Self- Management in Emerging Situations
    4. Continuous Development of Self & Other Awareness
    5. Experiences of Best Use of Self Impact

    The qualitative questions surfaced rich expressions of what types of barriers people experienced from themselves, others and situations, what development needs they experienced and the range of methods/ways people take on self-development and self-care, and insights into how people experienced and saw their impacts when operating at their best.

    Finally, these results suggest many implications for early career and later career practitioners as they pursue their own use of self developments and practice. Additionally, and perhaps even more important, the results suggest many avenues to provide more attention and experiences in the education for all students pursuing change and helping roles, and all who hope to lead/facilitate organizational and social change challenges. Please see report for more details.

    Download available here:

    Please contact the authors for further conversation or assistance in using this research to accelerate development of change agents and leaders.


    Mee Yan Cheung-Judge, PhD                                                   David Jamieson, PhD

    lmycj@quality-equality.com                                                       chgdoc@outlook.com  

    Julie Smendzuik-O'Brien, PhD, MPA
    Executive Practitioner Representative-At-Large
    Organization Development and Change Division