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  • 1.  Collaboration

    Posted 02-04-2018 10:58

    Hello Colleagues,

    Anyone interested in collaboration should let me know!

    Kenneth Chukwuba

    Kenneth Chukwuba
    Assistant Professor
    Southwest Minnesota State University
    Marshall, MN MN
    (702) 339-1922

  • 2.  RE: Collaboration

    Posted 02-07-2018 11:08
    Kenneth, if you'd like to collaborate with others on a research or writing project, say more about your interests and what you're like to collaborate on --> the more specific you are, the more likely you'll find someone who aligned with your interests. So tell us more!

    Lori Kendall
    Case Western Reserve University

  • 3.  RE: Collaboration

    Posted 04-05-2018 16:44
    Hi Kenneth: You ask for collaboration but not on what topic. I have a suggestion for you - I am looking at research in the area of  communications dealing with GLOBAL organizational change. There is lots on each topic, but not much that I found on looking at how to communicate change when dealing with an organization that is world-wide, or 'global' to use the current cliche.

    Are you interested in sharing current articles and resources on the above?
    Margaret Rudolf, PhD

    Margaret Rudolf
    Fielding Graduate University
    West Vancouver BC
    (778) 919-4701