AOM’s worldwide audience consists of professors and PhD students in business, management, and the social sciences; management professionals who value knowledge creation and application; and business professionals seeking to improve the management of their organizations. Founded in 1936, our global community is nearly 20,000 strong, spanning over 115 countries.

AOM shares the collective expertise, knowledge, and demonstrated leadership in the field of management with the next generation of leaders to build a vibrant community of scholars by markedly expanding opportunities to connect and explore ideas.

AOM’s members include academics, students, and business leaders from diverse segments of management that are leading the direction of the management field. Through their research and collaborations, they are advancing the philosophy of management through study, teaching, and practice. Some members research the many aspects of management and explore the workings of successful organizations and leaders, others dissect the successes and failures in business and search for the hidden causes, and others develop hypotheses through which scholars grow their knowledge and practitioners can direct their movements.

AOM’s members are also leaders and influencers in their communities. They are engaged with their schools and hometowns and travel around the world to research and present their findings - but most importantly, they are the people who others look to for knowledge and tips.

By connecting with AOM members through our advertising and sponsorship opportunities, you can bring your products and services to the attention of some of the world’s most influential management professionals.

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