The INSEAD Rigor and Relevance Award

The INSEAD Rigor and Relevance Award

In line with the mission and identity of the ODC division, the INSEAD Rigor and Relevance Awards aims to recognize a stream of published works and related activities such as teaching and consulting on change and changing having high impact in both academia and management practice. INSEAD will sponsor two awards for promoting double impact research: The “Scholarly” and the “Promising Scholar” Awards.

The “Scholarly Rigor and Relevance” Award

The “Scholarly Rigor and Relevance Award” is dedicated to Senior scholars who have demonstrated strong achievement in publishing in both academic and practitioners Top-tiers Journals and/or academic and managerial books.

The “Promising Rigor and Relevance Scholar” Award

The “Promising Rigor and Relevance Scholar” Award is dedicated to Junior scholars (PhD + 10 years or less) who have already succeeded in both publishing in academic Top-tiers Journals and demonstrating strong capacities to develop original and relevant practitioner-oriented work (such as consulting activities for firms and public organizations, training material, and so on).

Nomination Process

To be eligible to the Scholarly or the Promising Scholar award, nominations should include a full CV and a brief letter explaining the nature and extent of the nominee's contributions as they relate to the double impact research. They should be sent by mail to Linda Rouleau prior to the end of February. The awards will be attributed by a committee composed of ODC board members. For both awards, citations coming from both academic and practitioners top tier journals will serve as a mean to evaluate the double impact research. For the “Scholarly Rigor and Relevance” award, the impact of academic and managerial books will be considered. For the “Promising Rigor and Relevance Scholar” award, documents attesting the rigor and relevance of the practical work will serve for evaluating the double impact research. The awards are presented at the Annual ODC Division Business Meeting. The awardees will be asked to participate into the nomination process for the following year.